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In their new book, scientist Don Schmincke and mountain climber Chris Warner reveal the secrets to becoming a High Altitude Leader.

The renegade scientist and the mountaineer share first-person examples from major mountain climbing expeditions, interspersed with scenarios from boardrooms around the globe, to pinpoint the eight dangers that prevent people from reaching the highest levels of performance.

"To thrive in the face of today's business challenges and tomorrow's unpredictable risks, you need to become the type of leader whose career, team, and company excels in the most extreme environments. With so much at risk, you have to be the High Altitude Leader who uses every bit of your talent and every ounce of your strength to guide your team to peak performance," say Schmincke and Warner.

Fear, selfishness, tool seduction, arrogance, lone heroism, cowardice, comfort, and gravity. These are the dangers that Schmincke and Warner say can sabotage anyone - at 26,000 feet above sea level or on the 26th floor of any corporate headquarters. According to the authors, fear is the nemesis of effective leadership - when fear surfaces, action stops. The ultimate strategy - killer, fear keeps staff from making important decisions and leaders from leading.

Schmincke and Warner explain how to tame fear. They also discuss ways to overcome the other seven dangers that plague today's businesses. Take tool seduction, for example. The authors explain that in mountaineering, the climber with the latest, fanciest, or most expensive equipment isn't necessarily the one who will make it to the top. The same is true in business. Implementing trendy training programs may seem like a foolproof strategy for success, but it doesn't mean that employees will be more productive or more effective. The authors warn leaders to be wary of the latest tools that seem to promise more than they can deliver.

Each of the eight dangers in HIGH ALTITUDE LEADERSHIP is illustrated with log entries from some of Chris Warner's most, exhilarating expeditions - K2, Everest, and Mount Shivling, to name a few. The thrill of the climb, the risks that hang over every step, the death of a fellow mountaineer, the callousness of some climbers, and the carelessness of others - tell the story of High Altitude Leadership. What's more, all of the advice found in HIGH ALTITUDE LEADERSHIP is supported by Don Schmincke's thorough research into how people organize and perform in groups and teams, and his study of the high failure rate of many management and leadership programs.

HIGH ALTITUDE LEADERSHIP is the travel guide for traversing the dangers on the road to success.

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High Altitude Leadership:
What the World's Most Forbidding Peaks Teach Us About Success
Chris Warner, Don Schmincke
ISBN: 978-0-470-34503-0
240 pages
October 2008, Jossey-Bass
US $27.95
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